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Safe homes for vulnerable women

Supporting women in Bradford to live independent and fulfilling lives

Welcome to Daizybell Homes Bradford


Daizybell Homes is a registered charity in Bradford offering safe homes to women who have or are currently experiencing some level of vulnerability or hardship. This could be because of domestic and or sexual abuse, trafficking or other oppressive circumstances.


We are a sister organisation to Bradford Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Survivors Service who have provided critical help and support to women and girls who have experienced life changing abuse for more than 30 years.


Daizybell Homes was created in direct response to the lack of decent, safe housing for women who have escaped or wish to escape an abusive situation or relationship.


Our vision

All women and children will be free from the fear and the experience of domestic abuse and sexual violence and will be able live independently in safe/supported homes.



We are a feminist organisation, committed to creating and delivering services run by women for women and girls; challenging patriarchal power constructs which continue to stifle and prevent women and girls from participating fully in society and achieving their full potential.


We believe domestic abuse and sexual violence service provision is most effective when it is specialist, independent, survivor- and needs-led. It should be delivered by “not for profit organisations” that embody principles of participation and provide responsive survivor-centred services. We recognise factors such as age, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and disability can affect survivors’ experience of  domestic abuse and sexual violence.

We believe in evidence based service delivery and building innovation to meet the needs of survivors.





Supported by Housing Support Worker – ‘I came out of the Refuge so it’s been hard but my Housing Support Worker has been great and sorted everything really quickly so I could move in. The property is beautiful, it’s in a quiet place and I feel safe. She’s helped me with things like sorting my Housing Benefit and my gas and electric’


Supported by Domestic Abuse Support Worker ‘I would give Daizybell 5 stars! My life is so much better because we have a lovely home. My son is happy and settled and the support from Daizybell has made more confident. Thank you’